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Hi Babydolls!

Hi Babydolls!

How has everyone been? I’ve been crazy busy lately, per usual. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I am for sure going to take the time to update my website and blog in the very near future. I’m currently working on it. : ) I have a TON of stuff to post. So many great things have happened. Life is good! I am blessed, happy and healthy. Hope you all are as well. Looking forward to talking with you all soon!
Love, love, love you’s!


Real Housewives New Jersey: Katie Gray Tell All ♥

Happy Sunday Everyone!

One of the reasons I love Sundays, is because my show: The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on! Tonight is the final part of the season 5 reunion. When this latest season was just starting in June, Bravo did a special called ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Tell All’ which aired the week before the fifth season premiered. During this ‘Tell All’ special, each of the housewives had to describe the other housewives using a couple words. Since moving to the East Coast, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting every current Real Housewife of New Jersey! I’ve even had the honor to have met some of them two or three times. In honor of the finale of this season of the show tonight, I decided to write my own words that I feel describe each of the Jersey ladies that I love and look up to so much!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Katie Gray Tell All Special

Teresa Giudice: Fabulous. Beautiful. Fashion forward. Strong. Excellent taste. Good cook. Hardworking. Determined. Confident. Passionate. Perfectionist. Great wife and mother. Puts family first. Devout Roman Catholic. Fierce. Italian. Model, model. Old school. Go-getter. Luxurious. Loyal. Knows that blood is thicker than water. Funny. Positive. Happy. Opulent. Sweetheart. Bubbly. Fearless. Business savvy. Entertaining. Over the top. Extravagant. Is a flowing goddess. Happy wife, happy life. Loving. Throws an amazing party. Classy. Optimistic. Cleanliness.


Melissa Gorga: Gorgeous. Fun. Sweet. Sassy. Old school mixed with modern. Thank you, Jesus. Nice. A good Christian. Stylish. Chic. Ladylike. Smart. Has a good heart. Appreciates family. On display. Rockstar. Sexy life, loyal wife. Lavish. Fantastic wife and mother. Trustworthy. Lively. Makes me laugh. Upbeat. Persistent. Energetic. Athletic. Tries to make everyone happy. Respectful. Extravagance. Fashionable. Well-mannered. Polite. Caring. Brave. Ambitious.




Kathy Wakile: Big heart. Pure. Kind. Beautiful. Always tries to do the right thing. Has excellent manners. Very polite. Amazing at making desserts and food. Good mother and wife. Will do anything for family. Supportive. There for everyone who needs her. All around good person. Pretty hair. Awesome personality. Has an amazing family. Voice of reason. Good maternal instincts. Warm. Mature. Good head on her shoulders. Sincere. Authentic. Cheerful. Empowering. Crafty. Faithful. Thoughtful.





Caroline Manzo: Intelligent. Loyal. Trustworthy. Beautiful. Nurturing. Caring. Wise. Honest. Inspiring. Reasonable. Loves her family with everything she has. Humble. Enjoys reading and learning. Pleasant. A good influence. Superb mom and wife. Truthful. Works hard for everything. Bright. Old fashion and old school values and morals. Devoted. Tells it like it is. Protective. Righteous. Skillful. Witty. Attentive. Dignity. Clever. Generous.





Jacqueline Laurita: Caring. Pretty. Comical. Fun. Great spirit. Honest person. In touch with her feelings. Wants the best for everybody. Knowledgeable. Huge heart. Positive person. Spiritual. Open to new things. Kindness. Willing to learn even more. Lovable. Productive. A kid at heart. Instinctive. Down to earth. Friendly. Encouraging. Supportive. Affectionate. Compassionate. Outgoing.


Uva Italian Ristorante && Vino Wine Bar <33

I went to an amazing wine bar and Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, called UVA. It was all delicious! In Italian, “uva” means “grape” and “vino” means “wine”. I love vino/wine and I always have. I think because I have Italian in me, it’s just a given that I of course love it. Growing up, my family had wine at every party and holiday celebration, and we still do to this day. It’s tradition! I was always allowed to have sips when I was growing up, and once I got older into my teenage years, I was allowed to have a glass of my own. Doctors say that wine is good for your heart. My Grandma Gray’s father was a Doctor, so my Great-Grandpa, would have a glass of wine every day for the heart according to stories she’s told me. We follow that tradition and have a glass of wine sometimes for our hearts! One of my favorite singers is Dean/Dino Martin. (Also known by his full name as Dino Paul Crocetti). I love his song, ‘Hey Brother Pour The Wine’ and I always dance around to it. When I’m older, I want to make my own wine! I’ll do it right at my house, when I have my dream house one day. (The ‘I Love Lucy’ episode where they’re stomping grapes comes to my mind! Haha I sure love that show. I watched it all of the time growing up.)

Uva has a really cozy atmosphere, which I love. There’s peaceful music playing, candles everywhere, dim lighting to make it more relaxing, pretty chandeliers, etc. For dinner, I had the veal meatball sliders with scamorza cheese, french fries patate fritte and cavatelli ricotta pasta. I also loved the olive oil that I used with the Italian bread. It was realllllllly good. With it, I had the perfect glass of white wine. It was a white wine and had parts of the grapes in it. I enjoyed the combination I put together. You can check them out on their website, www.uvanyc.com.

Do you love my dress? I had to have it. I love sparkles! It was perfect for this Winter time and Christmas and Holiday season. On a beautiful Winter night, I got dressed up and had a wonderful dinner, glass of vino/wine and a stroll around Manhattan’s pretty Upper East Side. Such a great night in my book!
Hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful season! I sure am, I love this time of the year!
Much love, always,
Katie Marie Gray

Filming of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ !!!

People call me a Bravolebrity, because of my love for Bravo’s shows!
Everybody says, I’m going to be a Real Housewife when I grow up!

I was so excited to be able to watch them film, one of my favorite shows: The Real Housewives Of New Jersey! I’ve watched the hit Bravo TV show since the very beginning. I know they always film Posche fashion shows, so I had a feeling they might film there at the event. When I arrived at the Posche fashion show and holiday party, the first thing I saw on the door when I walked in- is that “We’re filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight.” I was ecstatic! I had to sign a waiver, that I understood I may appear on camera and that I would be in the background because they were indeed filming there and then airing it. They also took my picture before I entered the main room the event was held in. They film a lot of hours, and only a small portion makes it on air. So, I have no idea if they’re going to show this in an episode on the new upcoming season 5. But, they’re filming for the new season and I was there when they were doing so, which is cool on its own to me! I am pumped to watch the upcoming season, I miss my Jersey ladies. In the meantime, I watch the previous seasons because I own them all on DVD! Much love to The Real Housewives of New Jersey- Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline Laurita. I love them all!

- Bravo & Housewives Super Fan KATIE

My Fashion Show Style xx

Hi Loveys!

I went all out for the Posche Fashion Show and Holiday Party. If you know me, you know that I love, love, love fashion. Every single thing about it. Any chance I get to dress up, celebrate and have a good time, I do and take that opportunity. I’ve always been that way my whole life and I always will be. That’s me!
When the time for me to finally attend a Posche fashion show came, I was so excited. I was planning my outfit, shoes, jewelry, hair, nail art, etc. well before the event. I had my nails done with a gold leopard/cheetah print. How Katie/Jersey is that? Haha. I’m a perfectionist and I wanted it to be perfect. It’s fun for me to pick everything out too.

I put together my look and style for the event. Do you like it? I loved it! I got many compliments that night, and even long after the event. My family and friends were texting and calling me to tell me that they loved how I looked and what I was wearing. At the event, everybody thought I was a Jersey girl and they said I dress like one too. People were asking me where I got everything, so I’m posting my whole fashion show style below in this post! When it comes to Posche, you have to bring out the glamour! Who doesn’t love glamour? Everybody does! Plus it was in New Jersey and like they say, “It’s Jersey. Everyday is a fashion show.” And “Jersey girls know how to work it.” It’s all true! As Teresa Giudice says, “Model, Model.” And this night was full of posing, strutting your stuff, and doing your “model, model.”

My fashion show style:
My dress was City Triangles. I love those party dresses. I actually bought it back home in the Midwest while I was visiting, after I bought my ticket to the fashion show and party. My Grandma Gray came along with me, and we looked at a lot of dresses but I picked this one as my favorite. I felt it was appropriate for the season, because it was Christmas time and the Holidays. I love that it sparkles gold and silver, it’s a pretty champagne color. I wanted to do the one sleeve dress, those are so popular right now. My gold shimmer heels are by Anne Klein. I love them and they’re actually very comfortable. I used my gold Michael Kors clutch. My beige and gold trench coat is Amy Byer. I got it as a Christmas present the year before, I had to have it. I love the gold buttons and I think it’s so Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. It’s like business chic. My gold earrings are by lia Sophia jewelry. I got my huge ring at a jewelry shop somewhere back home. I have an obsession with big rings and it matched well with the look. My nice big gold metallic bangle bracelet is by Erica Lyons. I curled my own hair that night and did my own makeup. I used my Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Michael Kors and Clinique products. Mostly, I used my Michael Kors and Estée Lauder makeup because it was for my eyes, cheeks and lips. I used ‘Tiger Eye’ lipstick followed by lipgloss on top of that, they’re both from Estée Lauder. It’s my favorite! It has a gold shimmer and looks so chic. I also have an obsession with the colossal mascara.